Budget Builder Beadlock Kit (Single Wheel)

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DIY Budget Builder Beadlock Kit to save Money but still with great functionality.

This Kit comes with 1 inner rings and 4 outer ring pieces (4 per wheel). This does 1 wheel for a vehicle. Inside ring is 1 piece steel the outside is made up of 4 ring pieces.
Save Money and Order With the bolt Kit!! We buy thousands of bolts at a time and can save you big money on buying the bolts from the local hardware store.
Bolt kit comes with 32 Grade 8 bolts, washers, and Nylock nuts for $15 (for all 4 wheels) added to the price of the beadlocks.
American Made!!

these are 32 bolt per ring, weld-on beadlock rings
15"- 17" sizes we can make other sizes upon request
CNC cut 1/4" thick steel.
Fits within the lip of the wheel, not on the outer edge.
No cutting of the outer lip of the wheel needed.
Easy to install and comes with instructions
Keeps outer bead from coming off the wheel while wheeling at low psi
Custom Designs available also by request

*** keep in mind beadlocks are not street legal and for offroad use only *** that goes for all kits ours and other brands.